In collaboration with Boys Club, COVEN BERLIN hosted an evening of performance, music, and art in order to celebrate its first birthday as well as the launching of the magazine issue “Witchcraft” on the summer soltice, the shortest night of the year.



Come! Gather! Celebrate the witch and the woman, the coven and the community, magic and art, and COVEN BERLIN’s first year of life!


Behind the scenes: Destruction of Dude (feminist tentacle porn) (21:00h)
Can tentacle porn be feminist? Can a man be a feminist? Can a male body be used as a tool for feminism? Get behind the scenes of the feminist tentacle porn video ”Destruction of Dude” and find out! Video sneak peaks, DIY-inspiration, Q&A with actor and director and a real art-political manifesto (just like in the 90’s!). By Åslög

WITCHTITS go analog (22:30h)
Technological liveness, move over. Analog liveness, hello.
WITCHTITS deal with memory, risk and distance through this performance transmitted through the internet. WITCHTITS address their current multi-national situation with trust, interpretation and pokes in the butt.
WITCHTITS will summon the power of breath and the power of WITCHTITS, as always.

Black Magic Massage Parlour (ongoing)
Do you have a certain chakra you need cracked? Are your humours bent out of shape? Have the muscles around your third eye been aching lately? Then step out of the 4th dimension and into the Black Magic Massage Parlour. Our experienced masseuses have been training for centuries in the most prestigious covens, dungeons and altars this side of Babylon. Let us shut down your frontal lobe and awaken your basest senses and desires. By Fran Breden. Original concept by Maggie Flynn

La Scavenger Witch Hunt (ongoing)
This journey you go on alone. Follow the clues to find your pleasure. Take the trip to do yourself good. Have solitary fun. I’ll take care of you from a distance. By Louise Trueheart


Feeling Memory
By Kiona H Niehaus and Giulia Nazzaro


DJane Gravenbeat
Her dark and spooky sound will seep into your souls, wake up your magic powers and make your bodies dance around the witches‘ cauldron.

DJ Katie Conxita
With her techno, early house, garage and cotton candy surprises you will take off

Midsummer Treats:

Basement Altar
Fake Tatoos Stand
Cold Blooded Visuals
Indoor Woods
Aurora Glowing Cocktails
Chili Sin Carne

…and lots of witchy surprises!

A long hot midsummer celebration, June 20th 2014, at Gneisenauestraße 52 near Südstern (Berlin) presented by COVEN BERLIN.