Do we build an identity onto our bodies like a hermit crab builds a shell or do our bodies -and other bodies- force an identity onto us? Where do

our bodies stop and start? How do the body’s physical states influence psychological processes? When did the body learn the words to call itself, and can we find new ones? What do we hear if we listen to our meat speak?

Privileged bodies, heterosexual bodies, sick bodies, queer bodies, endangered bodies, young bodies, colonized bodies, conforming bodies, othered bodies.

Meatspace was a queer feminist artistic approach to the visibility, representation and performance of different bodies focusing on the legibility and intersection of identities, persisting narratives surrounding safety, and the physical experiences of those who cannot afford to believe that they are just bodies.

Meatspace presented the work of artists of various disciplines in the form of talks, performances, and visual art with a common focus on the physical realities of the body. The event took place 12th-13th November 2016 at The Impossible Project Lab (Potsdamer Str. 87, Berlin, Germany).


Tabita Rezaire

A. Liparoto


Jessica Polar

Claude Eigan

Naomi Bisley

Zoe Claire Miller