Playgrounds have a strong influence in the early stages of our lives. Society, family and friends teach us the concept of “norm” before we even know the definition of gender or care about the color of our clothes. Eventually, the stereotypes and narrow views imposed to us during this time of self-definition hit us hard, inducing confusion and insecurity. FEMINIST CONQUEERORS: A PLAYGROUND, conceived as a feminist playground for people of all ages, aims to put this absurdity into light by deconstructing it.

Feminism is more often than not considered either obsolete, time wasting or elitist, and associated with angry, humorless and dry female activists or intellectuals. The exhibition aims to create an open space where people can interact with artworks and other people, as well as engage playfully with various topics on feminism, sexuality and gender.

FEMINIST CONQUEERORS: A PLAYGROUND was curated by COVEN BERLIN‘s founders Lorena Juan (aka Lo Pecado) and Judy Mièl. It brought together works by various artists and contributors active in this sex-positive transdisciplinary gender-bending collective and online magazine.

The exhibition presented artworks by Eve Tagny, Andrew Liparoto, Esther Nelke, Janet Morales, Goodyn Green and Jessica Polar among others.

Special events such as screenings, performances and talks around the themes of female body and sexuality, intimacy and love, beauty and media, postcolonialism and feminism, language and gender, and sexual orientation and representation, took place throughout the week.

Exhibition: 21st-29th March 2014

Location: Kleiner Salon, Manteuffelstrasse 42, 10997 Berlin

For more information, view the program.

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