Dreams, 2007.
by Angela Kaisers

April 9-24 2015 at Kleiner Salon

In Dreams, 2007. Angela takes her observations and own experiences of interpersonal relationships a step further to the unconscious level: transcribing and interpreting her dreams.

Over the period of a whole year (2007) she recorded 395 dreams. Now, years later – with the necessary emotional distance – she takes a rational look at those recordings and analyzes them. In order to do so she created an extensive chart which displays each single recurrence of the 38 most prominent and intriguing main characters and symbols in all of the 395 dreams. The installation Constellation (Dreams, 2007) is composed of this chart, interpretations, and fragments from exemplary dreams.
In Untitled (Dreams, 2007) Angela curates a selection of her original dream recordings to provide an insight into the sources of her installation.

Constellation (Dreams, 2007), 2015.
Mixed media installation.
Wood, nails, thread, typewritten text on paper.

Untitled (Dreams, 2007), 2007/2014.
395 original notes, selection.
Ink, pencil, felt pen on paper and cardboard.

Angela Kaisers (born 1980 in Munich, Germany) studied Fine Arts with emphasis in photography in San Francisco and Amsterdam (BFA, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2008) and Art in Context in Berlin (MA, University of the Arts Berlin, 2012).

Curated by Lorena Juan